Recommended external antenna for D1 Mini Pro?

  • I'm going to be working on the project where I have my mini pro in an enclosure (just a plastic one) and I'm not yet sure of the distance and obstacles between it and the closest wireless access point. I'd like to pop a hole in the side of the enclosure and run an antenna out. I understand the antenna connection to the Mini Pro is an IPEX connector and a jumper resistor needs to be moved, however I've recall some debate (on the old forum) on whether any external antennas showed a real improvement over the ceramic.

    I'd like to hear the current consensus on that (if it exists) and any antenna recommendations. Thanks!

  • @structure7

    I bought and am using these antennas and cables with my D1 Mini Pros:

    There were some early reports that the external antennas didn't work well but it turned out that a few users hadn't moved the zero-ohm resistor to activate the external antenna connection. The consensus now is that using the Pro with an external antenna delivers the best performance by a good margin. I don't remember the exact RSSI improvement but I think it was around 8-10db.

  • I've tested with 5-7 dbi antennas and they really do considerably improve results relative to the ceramic antenna. The ceramic antenna is also worse than the PCB antenna of the D1 mini (non pro), at least in the situations I've tested.

    The debate you recall was mostly because some tests did not move the jumper resistor.

    I managed ~400 meter range in 802.11b mode with no line-of-sight (down the hill along a road). That was using this 7dbi antenna. And I believe the other end was a regular d1 mini acting as the host.

  • Thanks for the replies... I can see how people see that antenna connector but miss the small open bridge! I shall enjoy fumbling through my first pass at SMD soldering. Thanks too for the links.

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