Connecting Four Relays to D1 R2

  • Hi all, have I have one of the Wemos D1 R2's. I have espeasy running on it and connected just fine to the network. Found a great tutorial to walk me through connecting it to OpenHab through MQTT which I will do. But in the mean time i need to connect it to a four relay bank. I am not really skilled on the pin requirements and how they all work. Something i am trying to learn but not there yet. I have been looking all over and I find a lot of tutorials but they always skip over the connections needed for a relay.

    Can someone help me out with a diagram and or point me to a tutorial that i have missed that would help? Dummied down as much as possible would be great, ie, connect D4 to a relay. Connect D5 to a relay. And then how do those map to the GPIO pins in espeasy?


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