Battery Shield and Wireless charging module

  • I want to power the battery shield with a wireless charging module from Seeed (5v, 1A, I have connected (+) from the wireless charging module receiver with R330 and (-) with GND.

    alt text

    When a (pre-charged) battery is connected and the wireless charging is active everything works fine. When I remove the battery the red and green leds start to flicker (maybe it is fast flashing) as well as the blue led on the Wemos mini (after a few seconds). The Wemos mini doesn't work anymore.
    When I am powering the Wemos mini with the battery only everything is ok. After some time (1-2 hours) the battery shuts off. When I try to recharge the battery with the wireless charging module the 3 leds (red,green,blue) start to flicker again and the Wemos mini doesn't work.

    I am using the Wemos mini with battery shield, motor shield and a MPU9250 board. Wifi is enabled (HTTP server, sending/receiving MQTT messages). The LiPo has 650mA, 2C. J1 on the battery shield is not connected.

    Is the wiring between battery shield and wireless charging module correct? Why do the LEDs flicker (or flash very fast)? According to google translator flashing of the red led means "no battery status"?!?

  • Do you have a multimeter or, better an oscilloscope to see what is actually happening between that charging module and the battery shield? Can you measure the voltage and current that it is giving? I suspect the LED is not really blinking, but instead the battery shield is simply resetting due to inadequate or noisy power.

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