Wemos D1 mini and OLED

  • Hi ,

    I purchased Wemos OLED shield which is connected to Wemos D1 mini.
    I ran some examples but any of them didn't work.
    My OLED is black. Is there any possibility to check out what's going on ?
    I use Arduino IDE with some libraries like : SparkFun_Micro_OLED_Breakout, ER_Micro_OLED_Arduino_Library-GSlibrary or Adafruit_SSD1306-esp8266-64x48.

  • Hello @Shamrock ,

    could you show us the code that you used, e.g. the one that uses Adafruit_SSD1306-esp8266-64x48?

    I have also used this combination and can't remember any real problems getting this started.
    Please excuse my stupied question, but did you solder the headers to both boards ?
    Can you find the OLED shield with the I2C scanner program?
    Did you change the pins used for I2C to fit your configuration ( GPIO5/D1 = SCL, GPIO4/D2 =SDA )

  • Hi,

    Than you for answer. I use code from this link: https://github.com/tekk/MeteoESP/blob/master/lib/Adafruit_SSD1306-esp8266-64x48/examples/ssd1306_64x48_i2c/ssd1306_64x48_i2c.ino
    I didn't check it with scanner.
    I solder Wemos D1 to Wemos OLED without any modification ( one-to-one).
    Should I do this manually or using some define function in my program ?

  • Do you think you could show us a photo of your boards?

  • Hi,

    This are my boards:

    I2C scanner doesn't find my Wemos OLED.

  • Hello @Shamrock ,

    from the picture it looks like both solder pads for address 0x3C and 0x3D are covered.
    That the scanner doesn't find your board is not good.

    Do you have another board to test if i²c is working correctly?

  • @Seventh-Dwarf
    Second one is working. Maybe there is a short-circuit on resistors on the right.
    They look like connected to each other , on the other borad they are solder perpendicularly to each other.

  • @Seventh-Dwarf said in Wemos D1 mini and OLED:

    0x3C and 0x3D

    To me it looks like neither of these pads have been shorted and I know from similar experience getting my OLED shield (non genuine) to work I needed to solder the jumper first :)

  • Hi guys; I just got my 1st OLED shield. I've ran I2C scanner and found the address is 0X3C. All I've done so far is solder on the header pins to plug into the Wemos. I noticed in the picture above in this thread, the jumpers for both addresses have been soldered. I have not done so. Since 0X3C already shows up. I'm thinking I shouldn't have to solder any of them. Dang! Now that I am fully awake. I purchased to OLEDs the Wemos Oled shield AND a 4 pin I2C OLED. I was scanning the other OLED. Ran out of time, Have to go to work, will be back. Today being a holiday. It might be a few days.

    Is there a library for the OLED shield?
    I just found the SparkFun example. Give me some time to play with it.



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