Wemos D1 & Relay shield

  • Hi everyone,

    For one of my hobby projects I would like to control 24V (19W) mist maker using Wemos D1 and Relay shield.

    This is my current wiring:
    Wemos D1 wiring

    Is it OK to connect grounding of mist maker and Wemos together? With other words - should I have two power supplies in order to decouple the wiring for some reason?

    Thanks for any helpful feedback in advance.

  • @primosk

    This looks like it should work, but I'd use a large electrolytic capacitor (e.g. 1000uf) across the 5V and Gnd connections to the D1 Mini. Those switching power supplies can have a lot of ripple.

  • And if I want to connect a 5V (20A) DC supply instead of the 24V to drive a 5m long WS2812B led strip, it should be work?

    Thanks for the answer.

  • @sulooman

    The traces for the LED power on the strips are very small, and therefore have relatively high losses over the 5 meter length. I've read other people recommending that you split the power so it goes directly into two, 2.5 meter lengths. Otherwise the light intensity and colors can vary from one end of the string of lights, to the other.

  • @Roo-ster

    Thank you for the advice. I will do my wiring this method. So if I want my setup like on the picture (with the suggested capacitors) it should work?


  • @sulooman

    Two comments:

    1. the output of the power supply (V+) goes to 5V and the V- goes to Gnd on the modules. The power does not go through the capacitors, as shown in your diagram. The + leg of the capacitor also connects to the 5V connection on the modules and and the -leg goes to Gnd connection on the modules.

    2. you have the data signal from the ESP8266 going to the Din pins on both LED strips. This will work but both strips will display exactly the same LED pattern. If you want them to be controlled as one long string then the Dout at the end of string 1, should be connected to the Din of string 2.

  • @Roo-ster

    I didn't see my major faults in this sketch.
    Thank you for the advices. ;)

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