ESP8266 --Internet Weather Data Logger and Dynamic Web Server

  • WEMOS Project --Full write up of my project.

    "Experience with the WeMOS has been a very good; downloads are fifteen times faster, WiFi connectivity is MUCH improved, reliability near 100% thanks to on-board watch dog timer (which, is enabled by default.), WiFi interference is a non factor --gone." My comment is based on my project when it was running on an Arduino Mega 2560 with an Adafruit CC3000 WiFi shield,


  • Project web page

    Now featuring four graphs from "" Graphed Weather Observations Viewable on one web page; trace along the graphed line with your mouse for date/time stamp and value of graphed point.

    Project documentation

  • Replaced the Real Time Clock with NTP time services for all time keeping requirements.

    Project uses SPIFFS for file storage; includes: Current week's log, Previous weeks log, Difference log (difference in Barometric pressure change, past 15 -minutes,) Access log, and a readme file.

    Project web page


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