LED Matrix Shield

  • This project took me a lot longer than anticipated to complete, because it was from the beginning plagued with mistakes, errors and unfortunate accident. In the end, what should have been finished in three weeks took over a month to make, but finally it is there. I present to you another shield that I made for the D1 Mini. As with the servo shield, I decided to make more of them and sell them on Tindie, in hope that if there is some interest, then some factory somewhere will pick the design up and start producing it cheaper and with free shipping -- all the designs are open and free, of course.

    The product page on tindie is here: https://www.tindie.com/products/deshipu/8x8-led-matrix-shield-for-d1-mini/

    The shield has an eight by eight "pixels" LED matrix controlled over I²C just like the Adafruit LED Backpacks -- in fact it uses exactly the same chip, and can be controlled using the same libraries and example code. The only difference is that it's more compact and plugs on top of the D1 Mini boards.

    I think it's a nice shield to complete the OLED display -- for the use cases where you don't care so much about the resolution, but you want the thing to be visible from a larger distance.

    alt text

  • @deshipu Nice work dude, I hope you sell a bunch. :)

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