Alternative to wifi data transmition. Any sugestons

  • Looking for a other way of communication of iot data

    I got a new project in the pipeline.
    I need to send data to a sql server. But I the sensor is mobile and I have no control of the networks in its surroundings.
    That leaves me with 2 options.

    A. Hope that the wemos can find an open wifi network and ship the data this way
    B. Using something else. A GSM Modem or gprs or similar

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a solution for B. I would not like to rely on solution a since the device might run in less populated areas with only few open networks.

    The amount of data is around 200 bytes of data send on a daily basis. Speed is not an issue. This is the easy part.
    The size of the solution is critical. If it can be smaller than a thumbnail it would be great(18x18 mm).
    Power Consumption is not really a problem.

    Best Regards

  • You can try looking at LoRaWAN if it's available in your area.

  • @peterlm844

    You might be interested in this video from Andreas Spiess (aka "The Guy With The Swiss Accent"). It's an introduction to Lora, which might be a good solution. He has several other Lora videos that go into great detail.

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