D1 Stack of shields

  • So I'm building RFID locks with the D1. I'm looking to be able to do a power shield, relay shield and RFID reader.

    I'm hoping that I can stack power then the relay shield and a prototyping shield on of the top of the d1, Just to be able to save space or I can go with my original plan of everything just laying out individually.

    Any recommendations?

  • Just remember that the relay shield uses one of the pins used by all other shields for i2c, so if you use it, you can't use any of the i2c shields. If you are making your own shield for the rfid reader, you can choose different pins, so that's not a problem.

  • Yeah I'm using the RFID RC522 board for my RFID reader. I'm just hoping to be able to use the D1Power Shield with the Relay on top of that. So what I'm wondering is how to connect the RFID board once I have the relay board attached since it doesn't have any pass thru.

  • I use the stacking headers with the relay shield to put on the bottom. You can also use the double shield.

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