New D1 mini v3.0.0 missing magnetic shield

  • I have some issues with the D1 mini lite in combination with a relay shield. When switching 230V on the relay the board often resets. With the 'normal' D1 mini (v2.3.0) I don't have that much problems. I assume that is partly because that board has a magnetic shield around it's components.

    On the new D1 mini v3.0.0. I do not see this magnetic shield. Can I expect to have reset issues with the relay board again?

  • We are developing a relay switch device and so we have the same question for the v3.0, what interference testing has been done for the latest version? Has any testing been done to FCC or CE standards?

  • I have the same concerns about this. I assume that the decision to build the module from scratch instead of using the 12S module was done in favor of cost reductions.

    I see negative effects on the Wi-Fi recpetion with the new V3.0.0 modules (as well as with the D1 lite) compared to older V2.3.0 modules.

    Any reaction from wemos would be appreciated, thanks.

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